The State of HR 2014: A Question of Impact (Executive Summary)

The State of HR 2014: A Question of Impact (Executive Summary)

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The State of HR 2014 explores performance and impact. Drawing on reviews, reports, interviews and data from a range of organisations and experts worldwide, it presents an analysis which is combined with the collective experience of People In Aid's membership to challenge organisations, People In Aid and the sector to further improve performance in HR and people management. The report covers four key areas: Context, Quality, Impact and Recommendations. 

The report reinforces the extent to which the effectiveness and positive impact of humanitarian and development work rely on staff and volunteers, and the responsibility of organisations to support and manage them well. 

This Executive Summary provides an overview of the key themes and presents some initial recommendations as a starting point which we hope will contribute to a continued discussion as we collectively move forward to improve our performance as a sector.


Contributor:People In Aid


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