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The Context Project: training materials available to help develop national staff capacity

Leading and responding effectively to a looming or full-scale humanitarian emergency requires a special combination of skills: stress management, understanding needs and communicating with different stakeholders; prioritising tasks under pressure, and the application of accepted humanitarian norms and standards. Now, thanks to a unique partnership between 15 NGOs*, humanitarian organisations can freely access a fully comprehensive training program designed to support the development of key behavioural skills set out in the Core Humanitarian Competency Framework.

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The Joint Standards Initiative is gaining momentum in a number of crucial areas

The ground-breaking collaboration between HAP International, People In Aid and the Sphere Project to transform the quality and accountability system is gathering pace.

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Roffey Park's INGO Management Report 2012

We are pleased to announce the launch of Roffey Park's INGO Management Agenda 2012. Offering a snapshot of how organisations are really operating in the current climate, this yearly research is widely accredited as one of the most important and reliable indicators of emerging workplace trends in the UK.

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Train Your Managers - Save Money

By Mike Johnson

As any smart people-focused manager knows, staff JOIN organisations, but they LEAVE bosses. Survey after survey shows that bright, self-motivated recruits, eager to change the world, sign on to our organisations with high expectations and masses of enthusiasm, only to find that their perception doesn't match reality.

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Using People In Aid resources when responding to disasters

Read the full story of how Verified Compliant People In Aid member, Concern Worldwide, relied on People In Aid resources during their response to the Darfur conflict in 2004.

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response24: Cash & Rescue Prepaid Card launch event

For those companies and organisations responsible for engaging temporary staff the world over, such as NGOs and media groups, keeping them safe and secure when on assignment and the effective management of their expenses has always presented a challenge. The response24 Citi prepaid card brings together the benefits of both remote expense management and duty of care on one very special card and the launch is an unique opportunity to hear what the response24 card has to offer both Finance and HR Directors alike.

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Seminar on Managing Minimum Standard of Care in the Humanitarian Sector, 14 September 2012, Geneva

This information and networking seminar is a learning platform on trends and best practices in International Employee Benefits and offers valuable insights on Minimum Duty of Care which your organisation might be facing.

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