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Interview with Dr Ted Lankester - Ensuring the Health, Safety and Security of Aid Workers

By Mike Johnson

Dr Ted Lankester is the co-founder and Director of Health Services at InterHealth a London-based international health centre that helps prepare aid workers for overseas assignments, and provides medical and psychosocial services on their return. He recently spoke at the People In Aid HHR Conference on the trials, tribulations and trepidations of being a health professional committed to improving ongoing wellbeing for his clients.

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People In Aid Newsletter May - September 2012: Coaching

The new edition of the People In Aid Newsletter, which this time is themed around Coaching, is now available to view online.

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HHR Amsterdam 2012 - Key learning and highlights

Up on our website now are the key learning points, photos, presentation slides, videos and short audio clips from the HHR Europe 2012, 'What Duties? Who Cares? Integrate Your Approach to Health, Safety and Security' - visit to find out more.

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Interview with Jane Edge - The Importance of Coaching

An ongoing series of interviews with and for people in the aid sector. This interview is with Jane Edge, Organisational Consultant and Leadership Coach. Here, she discusses how coaching can be used to navigate leadership challenges, achieve sustainable results and unlock potential.

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Day two at the Humanitarian HR Conference 2012

By Maduri Moutou

Day two of HHR Africa began with a recap of day one, asking participants to share the learning they intend to take home. Learning included "understanding that staff care is not optional, but essential", that "staff wellbeing does not have to be expensive", "stress can be contagious within an organisation, so we do need to deal with it quickly" and finally to "investigate when staff have issues, and not just send them to counselling at the first opportunity".

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Day one at the Humanitarian HR Africa conference 2012 (videos)

By Maduri Moutou

People In Aid's HR Services Team Leader, Maduri Moutou is in Nairobi, Kenya for our annual Humanitarian HR Conference, themed around the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of Aidworkers

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New Case Study: VSO Debriefing Strategy

When it comes to providing staff care for aid workers, effective debriefing after placements and assignments is vital. Our new case study on debriefing comes from VSO, who restructured their debriefing strategy after a member of staff attended our Debriefing Staff Workshop in June 2011.

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