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New How To Guides

Continuing our series of concise, informative, one page 'How to' Guides, 6 new Guides are available to download for free.

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The Humanitarian Response Index 2010 - what can we learn?

Since 2007, DARA has published the Humanitarian Response Index (HRI), which aims to identify and promote good donor practice and contribute to greater transparency, accountability and impact in humanitarian action. Field research for the HRI involves interviews with hundreds of senior field representatives working in over a dozen crises on their experiences dealing with donor governments and how well they think governments are applying the principles of Good Humanitarian Donorship.

What can we learn from the HRI 2010?

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Japanese HR resources

A number of new emergency response resources and links are now available on our disaster response page ( in both English and Japanese.

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New People In Aid event: Debriefing Staff Workshop and Masterclass

Recent events in Japan, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia and many other countries have seen many agencies responding by setting up operations, increasing staff numbers and sending international assignees to the regions. As such, many mission personnel and aid workers would benefit from debriefing, Dr. Lovell-Hawker has been involved with providing resources for all these situations.

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