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Joint Standards Initiative deployment to the Horn of Africa

Numerous factors, including drought, rising food prices, conflict, seasonal floods and localised resource conflicts have been overstretching the coping strategies of rural and urban livelihoods systems in the Horn of Africa.

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Joint Update on Greater Coherence Amongst Standards in Humanitarian Response

The Directors/Manager of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP), the Sphere Project and People In Aid, as well as the Chairs of their respective Boards, have met regularly in the last few months to address concerns about the proliferation of standards and the potential impact on aidworkers' ability to put our standards into practice. The goal of this process is to achieve greater coherence of standards in humanitarian response and to better equip aidworkers and organisations to meet the rights of disaster- and conflict-affected persons around the world.

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Interview with Roger Darby - Thoughts on Leadership Issues

By Mike Johnson

In this interview, Dr Roger Darby, Course Director at the Centre for Defence Management and Leadership at Cranfield University, gives his thoughts on academia's relationships with the aid sector, where they are today and what they could be. Roger Darby's most recent research has been on the cross-cultural effects of knowledge management.

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Video: Author Chris Ernst reflects after the Boundary Spanning Leadership Workshop

Chris Ernst offers his opinions and the key points participants should have taken away from the workshop held in London on 5 December 2011.

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New Study by Dr Amanda Comoretto - Resilience in Humanitarian Aid Workers: Understanding Processes of Development

Resilience describes factors that promote wellbeing in individuals undergoing stressful life conditions. Only recently has attention towards workplace adversity in humanitarian aidworkers become the focus of attention. While some aidworkers leave their organisations because of issues associated with workplace adversity, many are likely to remain. This raises the issue of why some people are able to thrive despite challenging career choices, while others do not.

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Accountability - don't forget your staff

On 28 November 2011, issue 52 of the Humanitarian Exchange was launched with an event in London, UK. Titled 'Accountability in humanitarian action: changes and challenges', the magazine features an article from our Executive Director Jonathan Potter.

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Can you get sued?

On 30 November, People In Aid's Executive Director Jonathan Potter presented his reflections at the launch of the policy paper 'Can you get sued? Legal liability of international humanitarian aid organisations towards their staff', in London (UK). An important report, the paper looks in depth at the legal aspects of duty of care for NGOs and is essential reading for trustees as well as those with management responsibilities.

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People In Aid contributes to Humanitarian Exchange on Accountability in Humanitarian Action

By Jonathan Potter

After contributing to Humanitarian Exchange, Issue 52 - "Accountability in Humanitarian Action" - Jonathan Potter, People In Aid's Executive Director, reflects on the significance of staff care in ensuring organisational accountability.

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The Value of Robust Salary Benchmarking Data

By Ben Emmens

A report on the NGO Local Pay workshop, 15 November 2011, Nairobi, Kenya.


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