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Linking Salary with Localised Expertise: The Challenge for NGOs

By Jonathan Potter

To coincide with our recent newsletter on Reward, Jonathan Potter, People In Aid's Executive Director, reports on the Listening Project's findings with regards to the disparity between local and international staff.

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People In Aid Leadership workshop: Collaborative Leadership for Social Impact

By Mike Johnson

In the aid business there's rarely any time to sit and just think about stuff. Reactive takes precedence over proactive - there are very few quiet moments to consider yourself and how you fit into your organisation. And possibly fewer to consider how your organisation fits into the great big scheme of things. But on Thursday 18 October there was a day like that. A day for reflection and deeper thought.

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Thriving in the midst of crisis: Some keys to being a resilient humanitarian worker

Cornerstone on Demand are hosting a Webinar on 13 November focusing on resilience within the humanitarian sector, hosted by Lisa McKay, a member of People In Aid's Partner Consultant Network.


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People In Aid Newsletter October - February 2012: Reward

The new edition of the People In Aid Newsletter, exploring the topic of Reward is now available to view online for free. The newsletter includes valuable insights from Julie Shrestha, International HR/OD Practitioner (People Power), Victoria Smith, HR Movement Relations (Sierra Leone Red Cross Society), Reggie McCrae, Director of Global HR Services (CARE USA), Vanbreda International and many more.

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Managers, Hug Your Team - Please!

By Mike Johnson

Here's a comment we've heard before, "my boss would rather go to the warehouse and count the stores than hold a staff meeting." This from a disillusioned aid worker somewhere in the depths of Africa. Sadly, wherever we travel, so many people seem to have similar stories to tell. So could this be one of the great malaises of the aid world; willing, enthusiastic aid workers being put off this most noble of careers by bosses with poor or non existent people skills?

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New CoverN'GO product, supporting NGO workers wherever they are

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Your employees and their families can be located in remote areas or near conflict zones, thus increasing their risk of injury. Therefore, apart from the challenge of being in a foreign country, they require access to quality health care or medical/security evacuation to immediately take them to a safe location should alarming incidents occur.

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Come along to our Members' Forum, 14 November, London, UK

Our Members' Forum provides an excellent platform to network with others and explore and discuss this year's theme: Tough Times and the Power of HR; looking at the impact HR can have in times of economic crisis. The day is open to all from the afternoon onwards and to People In Aid members all day, to include our Annual General Meeting.

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Joint Standards Initiative - stakeholder consultation

The Joint Standards Initiative is looking for a Consultant(s) to support a major stakeholder consultation launching in November to run for a 4 month period.

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Stream the Evidence Aid conference live on 29 and 30 October 2012

The Evidence Aid project is a co-ordinated, international initiative to improve effective and timely access to systematic reviews on the effects of interventions and actions of relevance before, during and after natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies, to improve health-related outcomes. Their 2nd conference, in association with the Red Cross, Flanders, is to be held in Brussels on 29 and 30 October 2012.

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