Highlights from HHR Africa 2015

This year's HHR Africa focused on strategic HR, with a number of speakers offering different perspectives on the subject as well as engaging discussions by participants. Highlights from the day's sessions are below. Conference materials, photos and blog posts will be shared on our dedicated webpage.

After a warm wlecome to participants by IAWG George Ngere and People In Aid's Maxine Clayton, Jonathan Potter started the day looking at learnings within People In Aid: Changes in Strategic HR Approaches in the Sector.

Keynotes were given by Rebecca Peel, Director of Talent, Living Goods, whose presentation on 'Reimagining talent – designing for resilient and adaptive systems',  got participants thinking of interesting, and disruptive, ways of recruiting. 

Susana Fernández Casla, Psychologist, Business Senior Coach and International Speaker joined us by skype and highlighted what she has found as the three mistakes in HR:

1. Thinking competency and talent is the same - competency is the visible part: bahaviours, knowledge, attitude. This is our start point. Talent is about behaviours, what we feel that we are good at, what we love doing (even when we are not the best performers!) and also what others consider relevant to our way of working. Talents are the base that support all the cómpetency that we see. 
2. Expect different results by using the same tools - we need to change our tools/ ways of working if we want to see better / different results.
3. Being blind to the context - we need to understand the context and adapt our strategies accordingly.

People In Aid's HR Services Manager looked at the implications and opportunities for HR professionals in terms of strategic HR. 

Grace Lintari, HR Manager at Hijra outlined the experience of introducing a results chain tool at Hijra, Uganda to measure impact. This was developed with People In Aid and is currently being used by Hijra to measure the impact of HR on the lives of beneficiaries. Grace mentioned the importance of having buy in from senior management, involving staff in the process, and the inclusion of measureable KPIs when introducing a tool like this.

The afternoon saw participants break into interactive group sessions to discuss innovative people resoucing strategies in relation to the following: 

- Learning from Europe HHR Conference
- People Resourcing Surge Capacity 
- Talent and Competences

Anita Kattakuzhy, Regional Humanitarian Campaigns and Policy Adviser at Oxfam led a session on advocacy - How can we use advocacy tactics and tools to win a seat at the table.  There are multiple approaches to advocacy and if you want to be successful you need multiple approaches to overcome the challenges. Anita shared a useful tool to can help plan advocacy work. With advocacy work, start with the problem, then identify the power dynamics - who has power to influence change,  what are key messages they need to know, how will you get messages to them, what is the best time to influence them.  

The day ended with reflections on what we had learned with a reminder that People In Aid's work, including HHRs, will continue with the launch of the CHS Alliance.

We will share more blogs, photos and materials from HHR Africa on our dedicated webpage

Date published: Monday 8 June 2015


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