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Confused about what type of member you are?

We are sure you will benefit from membership, whatever your organisation’s size, structure or location. There are four categories of membership:


Full: operational agencies, primarily not-for-profit organisations, actively involved in international humanitarian aid and development work.

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Associate: other not-for-profit organisations supporting our aims that wish to share in our output, but are not operational agencies. For-profit companies that wish to join or support People In Aid are kindly asked to email for more information.

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Partner: specially designed for local NGOs operating in low-income and lower-middle-income countries whose INGO partner is already a full member of People In Aid. See our factsheet for further details.

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Network: designed for NGO networks, so that the member and their network of other NGOs all benefit from resources and services from People In Aid.

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Network membership fact sheet


Once you have completed your application form please:

  1. Print and sign your completed form
  2. Return it either by post or email with a copy of your Constitution or your Statement of Principles, and your Annual Report in English.

 For more information please contact us here

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"Human resource departments and people managers can rely upon the support of People In Aid to improve their organisation’s impact."