Code Principle 3 – Good support, management and leadership of our staff is key to our effectiveness.

Key questions Aim Risks in getting it wrong
This may be the first time all or at least many of you are working together. How are you going to build a wide range of individuals with vastly different backgrounds, experience and expectations into an effective team? A team which works well together and shares as many common goals as possible More Frustrated and ineffective staff and managers leading to poor programme delivery
Are you a leader or a manager – what is actually required?
What are your strengths as a manager?
Is your natural management style appropriate?
A team which is well managed and led, in a style best suited to the context More
How will you insure that information, ideas and concerns are shared between team members? Effective communication

Mistakes, misunderstandings, and frustration

Unprofessional and illegal conduct goes undetected

Team members are expected to perform but how will you and they know whether they are? Clear and accepted objectives which performance can be assessed against and action taken where necessary to improve performance Inefficiency, frustration and recriminations
How are you going to keep staff turnover within manageable limits? Your programme, organisation and the sector retains competent staff More

Your programme suffers.

The organisation and the sector as a whole's ability to respond to emergencies is weakened

How will you review salaries? Just salary scales and increases which are reviewed in a timely and regular fashion. More

Resentment or resignations among staff.

Time and effort wasted on endless reviews

How are you going to ensure that the team remains as healthy and safe as possible?

Any risks taken are both essential for the achievement of programme goals, and justifiable in terms of potential benefits. More

Serious illness or death of team members for unjustifiable reasons.
How are you going to maintain staff motivation in a difficult environment?

Motivated and committed staff.

Increased programme, organisational and sectorial HR capacity.

Resentment and resignations among staff.

Poor utilisation of available HR resources.
How are you going to keep essential HR records Accurate records are kept so that team members receive their full entitlements More Confusion, misunderstandings and possibly financial loss and fraud

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