Key questions for yourself and colleagues Risks in getting it wrong
How will the new team member get to the programme area and will they have everything they need to start work when they arrive? See travel Team member arrives late and starts with a bad impression of organisation and programme
Perhaps this is the first time they work for your organisation or in this sort of programme or in the sector – how are you going to arrange their induction? Team member has difficulty understanding why and how things are done
Has the new team member all the basic skills and knowledge required for the job or is some training required? Slow or inadequate work
Who is going to provide the briefing and handover for the new team member? Loss of knowledge, inefficiency, etc.
How are you going to decide whether their performance is satisfactory – or in other words are they the right person in the right job? See probationary period Ineffective or disruptive team member
Induction, basic training, briefing and handover overlap and the terms are used differently by different people - see checklists in resources.

Reality check

This may sound a lot – but can you afford not to do any of the above? Could the whole team be involved?

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