Annual Report 2013


We monitor comprehensively the extent to which we improve organisational effectiveness within the humanitarian and development sector worldwide.

What impact are we having on the humanitarian and development sector?

Above is a summary of a wider independent report detailing the impact we have on the humanitarian and development sector, delivered in 2013. You can also learn about our impact through our Annual Report, which summarises our activities and reviews our acheivements over the past year.

We simply could not deliver the tangible results we are known for without the support of government donors, corporate partners and trusts and foundations.

If you want to begin to make a difference in aid effectiveness and improve the delivery of humanitarian and development programmes, please email to learn more how you can become involved.


"People In Aid are global in scope and ambition, and in terms of growth, they are still adding new members in a significant fashion, whilst having every major aid organisation as a member. They are open to new ideas and are focused on the practical aspects of Leadership development, concentrating on people in the field and making sure they receive training that is relevant to them, to their experiences and their level of knowledge.

People In Aid have the reputation and experience of running programs around the world, and their certification process (the Code of Good Practice) has become the “ISO standard” within the Third Sector."

Mike Johnson, Consultant and Author -