HHR Europe Conference: Strengthening Local Humanitarian Capacity

Madrid, Spain - 18-20 May 2011

Conference Agenda

Day One

Day One Summary Report

Keynote Address

Strengthening Capacity in a Challenging World: The Red Cross View
Jaime Bará Viñas, Deputy Director, International Cooperation Department, Spanish Red Cross

Case Study 1

Two capacity building programmes piloted by Start Network; what makes them ‘different’?
Caroline Hotham, Project Manager, Oxfam GB & Rachel O’Brien, Project Manager, Save the
Children – Start Network Humanitarian Capacity Building Programme

Case Study 2

Building local capacity through innovation and partnership: The Nutrition Championship Development Scheme (NCDS)
Mariana Merelo Lobo, Director of Operations, Action Contre la Faim UK

Day Two

Day Two Summary Report

Workshop One: Assessing your organisation's capacity needs
Catherine Gould, Oxfam GB

Workshop Two: Assessing progress (and learning from it)
Willem van Eekelen, Independent Consultant, Trustee of People In Aid

Workshop Three: Piloting the Disaster Response Support Service in Haiti
Rory Downham & Justine Tordoff, Bioforce & RedR

Workshop Four: Creating an international professional development and quality framework
Jess Camburn & Catherine Russ, ELRHA

Peer learning groups

Day Three

Day Three Summary Report

Case Study 3
Online mentoring: someone needs what you know
Jonathan Simmons, Horsesmouth

National staff perspective
Ridha Abdul “Wancez” Kadir, CAFOD Indonesia

HHR Africa Conference: How to Effectively Build Staff Capacity in the Humanitarian Sector

Nairobi, Kenya - 8-10 June 2011

Conference Agenda

Day 1

Participants Mixer – What we understand about Capacity Building
Edwin Kuria, World Vision and Polly Bodgener, Training and Facilitation Services

Opening Address – How to Effectively Build Staff Capacity in the Humanitarian Sector
Alexander Matheow, IFRC

Part One:

Part Two:

Approaches to Capacity Building in East Africa – Panel Discussion
Edwin Kuria, ECB, Sheila Waruhiu, Save the Children, Amir Zahir, Oxfam GB, Katherine Goberman, IRC
Nick Wasunna, World Vision Kenya as interviewer

Other Approaches to Capacity Building – Experiences of Participants
Maureen Munguti, Solidarites

Capacity Building and the Employment Cycle and Capacity Building Reality Check - Haiti Case Study
Christine Williamson, People in Aid

Employment Cycle and Security Handout,  Christine Williamson

Champion in Staff Capacity Building – Kenya Wildlife Service, 2010 Company of the Year Award in Human Resource Management
Sharon Kisire, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)

Day 2

Enhanced Learning and Research in Humanitarian Assistance (ELRHA) - Launch in East Africa
Jess Camburn & Catherine Russ, ELRHA

Start Network Core Humanitarian Competency Handout

Humanitarian Core Competency Overview                                                                                               Facilitator, Sibonison Ndlovu, Action Aid

Core Humanitarian Competency --
Understanding of Humanitarian Contexts and Application of Humanitarian Principles
Facilitators, Maria Kiani and Gregory Gleed, Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) International

Core Humanitarian Competency - Developing Collaborative Relationships
Facilitator, Gabriella Wajjiman, UNOCHA

Core Humanitarian Competency - Achieving Results Effectively
Facilitator, Gerry McCarthy, People First Impact Measurement

Core Humanitarian Competency – Managing Self in a Pressured and Changing Environment
Facilitator, Lincoln Ndogoni, World Vision

Day 3

Individual Development Plans for Coaches
Kassie McIlvaine, CARE International

Enhancing the HR Leading role in Building Capacity through Coaching
Njeri ‘Forez’ Kamanu, Leadership Coach/Consultant


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