HHR Paris 2010: Talent Management

The 16th Humanitarian HR Conference was held in Paris, France on 19 - 21 May 2010. Please find below more information about the event, including copies of the presentations, the conference blog with current topics and discussions, as well as some of the photos from the venue Novotel Survilliers Saint Witz.

Presentations from the event

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Pictures from the event

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 On 18 - 21 May 2010, Ben Emmens, HR Services Director of People In Aid, updated a blog with current topics, discussions and videos from the HHR Conference 2010 held in Paris as it occured.  

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HHR Mombasa 2010: Talent Management & Diversity

Our fourth HHR (ex-EPN) conference in Africa was hosted in Mombasa on 26 - 28 May 2010.





Participant Julie Muyenje, Human Resources/Administration Manager at International Rescue Committee Uganda, wrote the following on the event:

I had not encountered the phrase talent management before. I knew what talent was, but ‘managing’ it was what interested me. I came to Mombasa with many questions – but the biggest question is “Does talent management determine staff retention?” Retaining staff is a big challenge. When I listened to Safaricom and the other presenters I was overwhelmed with the new responsibility of what I have to do at the International Rescue Committee when I get back to Uganda. However I have learnt that I can move forward by using existing structures. We are doing much of it [talent management] already. It is just not called “talent” currently. In terms of what is talent – I feel we need to look at more than just IQ, but emotional intelligences as well. It is not just about smart people, but those that have people skills and influencing skills. I also recognise now that successful talent management is a shared role between country director, line manager, human resources and the individual. It is not just owned by HR or the talent manager.

The conference has been useful also in providing opportunity for interaction with other agencies and it was useful to hear HR practitioners share their challenges. Regardless of border differences, the challenges are the same.