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AGM and Members' Forum 2013 (member-only)

Staff Matters - the Search for Innovation. A summary of the day, including presentations and relevant links.

International Strategic HR Conference 2011

Tomorrow’s organisation: the people issues and how you prepare for them. 22 November 2011, London, UK. Conference presentations, summaries, photos, audio clips and more

Boundary Spanning Leadership Workshop 2011

Main resource page, breaking down the workshop and including a comprehensive video of the event.

International Leadership Summit 2010, UK

Main Resource page

ECB Retention Workshop, Kenya, 9 October 2010

HR Manager short training on Retention, Participants Workbook
HR Manager short training on Retention, Facilitators Notes
HR Manager short training on Retention, PowerPoint
Programme Manager Retention short training, Facilitiators Notes
Programme Manager, short training on Retention, PowerPoint
Programme Manager, short training on Retention, Participants Workbook


International Strategic HR Conference, UK, March 2010

Information from the event, featuring presentation slides, audio recording and photos

International Strategic HR Conference, UK, February 2009

Talent in a Changed World
Mike Johnson
Integrated Talent Management
Sydney R Robertson
Managing Talent - A Southern Perspective
Jemilah Mamood
Talent Management at Oxfam GB
Dave Benson
Talent Pool at ACF Spain
Jesus Carrasco

World Conference of Humanitarian Studies, February 2009

Summary of Discussions Panel 32
Analysis of Opinions and Experiences Involved in Disaster Response Overseas to Enhance Effectiveness of Humanitarian Assistance
HRM Policy Formation in Humanitarian NGOs
Motives and Challenges for Western Humanitarian Aid Workers
Turnover in Humanitarian Projects; An exploratory study of patterns and potential causes.
Becoming an Aid Worker - Biographies, Careers and Skills
Investigating the impact of the NHS’s Modernising Medical Careers initiative on doctors’ opportunities to work for MSF
To Be or Not To Be – An Aid Worker In Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Turnover, HRM and Motivation in Humanitarian Organizations: A Review

Staff Care Conference, UK, November 2008

Heart of Humanitarian Relief II
Conference Report - Managing Staff Wellness in Crises and Beyond


HR Conference, UK, February 2008

Bridging the Gap - Changes, Impact and Challenges
Anders Pettersson - Emergency Focal Point, UNICEF
Changes in the humanatarian environment: how well are we coping?
John Mitchell - ALNAP Co-ordinator, ALNAP
The IS Job Value Review
Joni Koonin - Senior Human Resources Adviser, Amnesty International
Alison Wallace - Director of International Fundraising, Amnesty International
The Role of HR in building effective International NGO
Tenagne Lemma - National Director Ethiopia, World Vision Ethiopia


Mobilising People in Emergencies, Kenya, June 2007

The Role of Non-Governmental, Private and Public Sector Organisations in Africa
AfricaRecruit and People in Aid, with the Commonwealth Secretariat




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