EPN Nairobi 2009

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Strategies and Tools for the Humanitarian Sector

The conference focused on facilitating change, a topic with which all humanitarian organisations are concerned. The conference aim was to provide experiences and practical tools for People Managers and HR professionals to take back, as change agents, to their organisations to prepare for and successfully facilitate change, adding strength to HR’s contribution to organisational changes.

"Change has most effect on the people, not on the organisation."

The conference offered strategies - Africa-specific ones also -, tools, resources, personal strength assessment and above all the insights and experience of peers, particularly case studies from GOAL Kenya and WWF East Africa.

"The African reality: there’s a resilience and an openness and humbleness in relation to change, especially a focus on collective responsibility”

The participants concluded that the humanitarian sector should be as attuned to change preparedness as it is to disaster preparedness - and HR's role in this is critical.



I am more equipped with skills; I am going to make a change in people’s lives.

I’m going to establish a strategy to prepare for change in the organisation. Its something I need to have.

My understanding has really changed- this event has given me the knowledge and skills on how to handle change and what to expect once change is made.

I’m going to start implementing what I’ve learnt: not to wait until the change has come.