EPN Nairobi 2007

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Kenya, 6 to 8 March 2007

A joint collaboration between the Emergency Personnel Network and the Inter Agency Working Group on disaster preparedness for Central and East Africa.

The objective of the workshop was to consider the issues of policy, recruitment, training, staff care, security and staff retention and recommend how to better to find, keep and train relief staff in East Africa.


This was a great meeting and should be encouraged more frequently, at least once or twice a year.

Thanks very much for this opportunity on a well planned and balanced content workshop.

The content was brief and precise!

Its really been consoling for me to learn that all my problems are going through the other agencies too.

Thank you for putting together this event in the South!

This is a timely initiative. Well done to the organizers for the thought. You are making a difference in the way we deliver service to beneficiaries.

Kindly have more workshops to improve our HR knowledge.

I can advocate in my own organisation with more confidence because I feel there's a collective view which has empowered me.