EPN Istanbul

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Turkey, 21 to 23 May 2008

The conference focused on cultural diversity, a topic at the heart of humanitarianism, both for staff and for people affected by disasters. The conference aim was to provide practical tools for People Managers to take back to their organisations to optimise diversity for better performance.

The full report is currently available in PDF format. The web version of the report will be available soon.


It was a really fantastic conference.

Speakers were excellent, and so willing to give and everyone was so engaged in the topic.

Many thanks again for a very good conference. We came back full of ideas.

We’re all inspired and energised, and will share with our colleagues.

Having a network like this is an invaluable sounding board.

This has been more professionally run than most corporate conferences
I’ve been to.

I’ve been impressed by the different models being used by participants – the level of the conference is impressive.

I have more contacts, I have confirmed my assumptions, and from the fact that so many people are discussing cultural diversity I have arguments for moving my [network’s] agencies from why to how.