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EPN Gatwick 2009: Facilitating Change: Experience and challenges for the humanitarian sector

EPN Gatwick focused on ‘Facilitating change: Experience and challenges for the humanitarian sector’. 59 participants (from 36 agencies + independents, from 13 different countries on 4 continents) benefited from their peers’ experiences, inspiration from external presenters and from practical tools which will make them and their organisations better performers.

"We've found really good tools – I feel confident and able to deal with change."

There was appreciation for the way in which the conference was structured this year, with the Masterclasses, for example, praised for being “effective and straight to the point” and “practical, applicable”. The discussions ranged wide, covering the how to use language around change, how to engage and communicate with staff, necessary competencies and mindsets for change agents and much more.


I feel a lot more confident now in my personal approach to change as well as in supporting management and colleagues.

My big take-away was realising that everyone was dealing with the same thing.

I am now equipped with tools to understand the emotional mechanisms beyond change and will try to apply them myself and to others to support the process.

It has been a privilege to share, learn, affirm and listen.

I have learnt a great deal that I am sure will be very useful in my role as change agent.