Dublin, Ireland, 12 - 14 November 1997

Representatives from a wide range of international agencies involved in emergency response met to:

  • increase our knowledge for decision making
  • identify areas and mechanisms for collaboration
  • reach agreement on follow-up action

The meeting was an opportunity to exchange information and to recognise and reinforce the value of interagency collaboration on a broad range of human resource issues, in order to enhance the effectiveness of emergency aid.

The participants confirmed the emerging maturity of HR management in the sector, based on the substantial experience and expertise that has developed in this area.

Participants at the meeting expressed a firm commitment to establishing and promoting good practice in HRM through existing (e.g. People In Aid) and new initiatives.

A number of areas for collaborative work and information exchange were identified at the meeting linked to the development of the pool of human resources, including training and advocacy. There was also commitment to a follow up event.

The agencies represented at the meeting will seek to have this commitment supported and promoted at all levels, especially the most senior levels, within their own organisations and externally.