HHR events

Since 1997 HHR (formerly EPN) has held over 20 conferences in venues ranging from New York to Nairobi, Bangkok to Brussels.

June 2015 Nairobi, Kenya Strategic HR
June 2015 Antwerp, Belgium Innovative Resourcing
June 2014 Nairobi, Kenya Engaging with Change!
June 2014 Budapest, Hungary Assessing your Organisation's Needs: Global mobility, Working in Partnerships and Consortia, and Demonstrating Impact
June 2013 Nairobi, Kenya Effective Humanitarian Leadership: How can HR demonstrate and develop it?
June 2013 Frankfurt, Germany Current Humanitarian Challenges and Their Implications for HR
June 2012  Nairobi, Kenya

Health, Safety and Security of Aid Workers

May 2012 Amsterdam, Netherlands

What Duties? Who Cares? Integrate Your Approach to Health, Safety and Security

June 2011 Nairobi, Kenya

How to Effectively Build Staff Capacity in the Humanitarian Sector

May 2011 Madrid, Spain

Strengthening Local Humanitarian Capacity

May 2010 Mombasa, Kenya

Talent Management: Effective strategies for managing and developing a diverse workforce

May 2010 Paris, France
Talent Management: Effective strategies for managing and developing your workforce
May 2009 Gatwick, England Facilitating Change: Strategies and tools for humanitarian organisations
March 2009 Nairobi, Kenya Successful Change Facilitation: Strategies and Tools for the Humanitarian Sector
May 2008 Istanbul, Turkey Spotlight on cultural diversity: Using difference as a positive force for human resource management
March 2008 Nairobi, Kenya HR and Emergencies: Staff Care Simulation
June 2007 Bangkok, Thailand Managing People, Responding to Emergencies
May 2007 Rome, Italy Spotlight on Professionalism – the Role of Human Resources
Mar 2007 Nairobi, Kenya HR and Emergencies: Finding, Keeping and Training Staff in East Africa
June 2006 Archamps, France Working together, sharing success
June 2005 Deurne, Netherlands Management Development for Emergencies
June 2004 Barcelona, Spain Good HR Management for Nationally Recruited Staff – An under-utilised Resource
June 2003 Evian, France Thinking ahead, acting now – Proactive Human Resource Planning for Emergencies
June 2002 Coventry, UK Finding and developing good field managers for relief assignments / Ensuring the safety and security of field staff on relief missions
April 2000 New York, USA In Kosovo’s Shadow (reflecting more generally on the problems of mass mobilisations).
April 1998 Brussels, Belgium Improve the ability to find, select, prepare and retain personnel for emergency operations.
Nov 1997 Dublin, Ireland Increasing knowledge for decision making, identify areas and mechanisms for collaboration.

Information from each conference is available by clicking the dates above.

Reports on the discussions and outcomes from events which have drawn together several hundred of the sector's key agencies are available for all conferences.