Who we work with

We work with many organisations who share our commitment to professionalising the practice of human resources and people management within the humanitarian and development sector. We recognise the benefits of working in partnership and value the opportunity to do so.

Organisations with which we have or could have partnerships might be based anywhere in the world and include International NGOs, local NGOs, UN bodies, the Red Cross movement, NGO networks, training organisations, consultants and any other organisation interested in strengthening the capacity of the sector.

We currently have ongoing joint projects or understandings with: the Emergency Capacity-Building project, Humanitarian Accountability Partnership, ALNAP, RedR UK, the Sphere Project, Centre for Creative leadership, Headington Institute, Interhealth, Viva Network, ACFID, Antares Foundation Australia, Dochas, Bioforce, Cranfield University, Agenda Consulting, Acceso, LINGOs, ORC Worldwide, The Management Centre, Roffey Park, Security Exchange, CiC. We are also part of a number of networks which are committed to improving the sector’s effectiveness. Some examples are:

a. Quality and Accountability

We belong to a group of organisations focussed on improving quality and accountability in the humanitarian sector. Full details are here.

During the past decade the humanitarian community has initiated a number of inter-agency initiatives to improve accountability, quality and performance in humanitarian action. Some of the more widely known initiatives meet together on a regular basis in order to share common issues and harmonise activities where possible. We are increasingly working in collaboration.

The Joint Standards’ Initiative (JSI) is offered by standards’ organisations; HAP, The Sphere Project and People In Aid in order to bring about greater coherence amongst standards, strengthening aid workers'ability to put these standards into practice around the world. For further information on the Joint Standards’ Initiative and its developments please follow this link

b. Inter-Agency Working Group

Through an MoU with this network of UN and INGOs based in Nairobi, we offer workshops, conferences and other services to the sector in East Africa.

c. HHR (Humanitarian HR Network)

HHR (formerly EPN) has now been integrated into People In Aid, hundreds of you benefited from what EPN offered and now, while the acronym no longer survives, the activities continue, bringing together – actually and virtually - close to a thousand HR professionals and field managers in over 100 countries each year. You can read of past HHR/EPN activities here.

d. ELRHA (Enhancing Learning and Research in Humanitarian Action)

As part of our commitment to professionalising the sector we have joined the steering group of this network of INGOs and British higher educational establishments seeking ways of working more effectively together. Read more here.

e. Keeping Children Safe

The issue of child protection requires considerable involvement from the HR function. We have contributed to this inter-agency group which has produced training materials which can be ordered from the Keeping Children Safe website

We would welcome contact from you if your needs or your aims coincide with our own, and you feel we could become partners. Please contact Jonathan.

f. Training Providers Forum

We are delighted to be part of the Training Providers Forum along with other leading training providers: Bioforce, Bond, INTRAC, Mango, RedR and the the Save the Children’s Humanitarian and Leadership Academy, in partnership with ELRHA.

The Forum aims to improve access to, and the quality of, training in the humanitarian and development sector through:

  • Greater collaboration between training providers
  • Sharing learning and good practice
  • Advocating the importance of training in the sector.

Find out more about the Forum's members and the courses we each run with our A3 poster to print out and keep.


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