Who we work with

People In Aid is an increasingly global network of organisations committed to enhancing the impact they make, through better management and support of staff and volunteers. We believe we are the largest global network of NGOs (aside from some of the federated structures) in the sector.

The map below shows where our members are based: please hover over a region. A full list of members is here.

Wherever in the world you are based, if we can add value to your network’s or organisation’s people management or HR needs please contact us here. We offer services which are either globally relevant or specific to individual regions, countries or organisations. Please also see here for details of our regional consultants in East Africa.

We currently have 195 members in the People In Aid network.

We have held workshops, conferences or research projects in

  • Europe: UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey
  • Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Uganda
  • Asia: Thailand, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Indonesia
  • America: USA, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua
  • Australia/Pacific: Australia, Vanuatu