Supporting People In Aid

We address global weaknesses in how ‘people’, the primary instruments of social change, are sourced, developed and protected.

We do this by providing direct project support, research, training, practical tools and networking opportunities that improves organisational effectiveness, enabling organisations to save lives and protect the livelihoods of millions each year.

"It is clear that organisations like People In Aid have an increasingly important role to play not only in the future of the NGO world but in the corporate sector as well. Better management and HR practices result in more effective organisations.

Future of Work Research Consortium, London Business School

Our unique ability to leverage exponential change - change that translates into how aid is applied - offers a donor the opportunity to make a donation that will impact not just us but many – 207 members, representing more than 250,000 aid workers and volunteers across 100 countries.

How you can help

For more information on how you or your organisation can help via any of the options listed below please email 

Corporate Partner Scheme

Our corporate partners help us fulfill our mission to improve how aid organisations perform by providing vital support for our global research, events and advocacy efforts.

In return, companies build brand awareness about their products and services, as well as fulfil their corporate social responsibility goals and objectives.

Please contact Lisa Smith, Head of Fundraising at 020 3137 3598 for more information on how you can become a Corporate Partner and begin to make an impact on humanitarian and development programs worldwide.

Existing corporate partners:

Platinum members:

Gold members: 

Silver members: 

Bronze members:

Global Partners

Given the scope and scale of our work: from qualitative research to bespoke services to learning events and country level projects, we seek strategic partners who can help us deliver work, reaching every level of the sector and having the type of large scale impact required to affect change.

Cigna logo

Cigna is a global health service company dedicated to helping people improve their health, well-being and sense of security.

Its dedicated NGO Health Benefits unit is more than your typical insurance provider: in partnership with its Nongovernmental (NGO) clients, Cigna designs, advises on funding and administers employee benefits programmes tailored to their needs.

These programmes cover medical as well as incapacity, disability and life benefits, with a specific focus on keeping employees healthy and productive through a range of health and well-being services. Download a brochure on Cigna's COVERN'GO service here.

The Birches Group is our trusted NGO Global and Local Pay survey provider, producing robust and reliable NGO-specific salary data in 89 countries, and reaching more than 1,900 survey participants.  By becoming a Global Partner this year, they have made a commitment to strengthening the impact and reach of the survey results through our reward network.
To learn more about NGO Local Pay or NGO Global Pay, or to Register for a survey, email them at

Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and foundations can support us in a number of ways, some areas include:

  • Research. We need funds for specific pieces of research: current examples being solutions to poaching national staff, State of HR annual review, Innovation in HR, or return on investment.
  • Posts. We need to fund a research manager post and a capacity-building manager post. Fully-supported secondments of suitably qualified staff for specific projects would be welcomed - a great development opportunity for an NGO HR employee to see the big picture, or a corporate employee to benefit from working in our sector.
  • Capacity-building. We need to support our members (and local civil society and public sector) in the countries where they work. Grants to support existing programmes (East Africa or Australia/Pacific) or a new one (eg Asia, USA, Ghana, Central America, India) are required.
  • Humanitarian HR. We undertake a variety of initiatives to improve the sector’s response to conflict and disaster. We have a bespoke proposal that we can provide upon request to any funder interested in seeing how their monies will be spent in this area.
  • Conferences and workshops. We stage approximately 17 conferences and workshops globally. The costs for these events are partially met by our grant from DFID and ECHO. Support in this area would enable us to subsidise the attendance of small, local organisations as well as alleviate costs not covered by institutional support, enabling us to do more.
  • Technology and digital. We need funding to support our existing activities, but would also like to do more in this area to drive innovation and ‘next practice’ through multiple media platforms and channels.

Existing Trusts and Foundation supports:

Institutional Funding

  • Department for International Development (DFiD)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs (Irish governement)
  • Swiss Aid


Organisational Funding

Reasons to support People In Aid

  • Reach: The largest transnational membership of any certifying/standards setting organisation. 
  • Value for money: Organisations spend between 50-80% of their annual spend on people related costs. 
  • Mandate: Driven and endorsed by our members, everything we do has an impact on workplans.
  • Credibility: We are respected and listened to at every level of the sector, including CEOs, Boards and Government Bodies.
  • Capacity strengthening: Over half of our network are small to medium sized organisations, funding us means that smaller organisations continue to have access to products and trainings that they could not otherwise afford.